quarta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2011

Don't be afraid to show you care

Love. Can we live without it? I don't think so. It's not about man-woman kind of  love i'm talking about. It's in a general state..Sometimes the smallest words are the most meaningful ones and the same thing works with the actions. You don't have to do or show a lot of things just to make them look like they're important.
If there is something you will never regret of loving is your family. Have you hugged your father today? Have you told your mother you love her? Have you spent some time with your brother or sister?
Never forget they are the only people in the world that no matter what happens will always stand up for you. Do the same for them. Don't be afraid to say: I love you :)

quinta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2011

Why does it take me so long to write a new blog?

i wish i knew the answer to the question above but the truth is i don't know why i don't post more often..sometimes it might be because i have nothing new to say but since the last time i blogged which was in october a lot happened..like, i went to the JONAS BROTHERS concert in porto alegre and wooooow..that was night to remember!! it was much more special than i could have expected it to be :) i took so many pictures and recorded a lot of songs on video so it will always be a reminder of how happy and exciting it was to me :D
unfortunately the boys didn't get to see my Sing 7:05 sign, but that's okay..i won't give up! i will bring it to the next concert :D oh gosh i love that song so i really want to see them performing it live :D
the concert was so good and i also got to meet some really awesome girls which i still talk to nowadays!! the jonas brothers even gave some friends hahahaha the girls are from porto alegre and they got to see them during the soundcheck and i was really excited for them :D it's one in a million chance and they've got it!
too sad demi didn't come with them but there is always next year!
so since my last blog demi went to rehad in november and happily she left rehad last month! God knows how happy i was when i saw her healthy again..demi means a lot to me so it's amazing to see how good she looks right now..she even got her wrists tattooed so it would be a reminder not to cut herself again..which i totally agree with :D
still talking about tattoos..i got three since last year!! yes, i got one on my left foot and another ones on both of my wrists..i'm gonna post the pictures here.
so this one on my foot says: "You're amazing Just the way you are" and there is - Bruno Mars
This song is my favorite in the world! And Bruno..wow how can i begin? he is the most amazing singer i have ever heard and his songs are so beautiful and inspiring..there is a lot more and i'm gonna write another blog just to talk about his but anyway, getting this tattoo was really hurtful and i can assure you because when i got it at first it was fine but when it was healing Bruno's name started to kind of disappear so i knew i had to retouch it and before retouching i got my wrists tattooed and then i got my foot again and OMB! that was really hurtful..i was like: how did i handle this the first time?
so before you get a foot tattoo you have to think if that's what you really want and if this tattoo will have a meaning for you..all of my tattoos are words, i don't have any drawings except those musical notes but that's so small and they're part of the song lyrics so i don't think they count..then going back to my wrists tattoos..
they weren't that hurtful, i mean..when it gets close to your veins it gets close to being unbearable so don't get a big one otherwise you're gonna suffer a lot more!i got the word "Love" and a little red heart on my right wrist
and on my left wrist i wrote Bruno Mars and yes, i do love him a lot..really really really a lot (L) i really wanted him to see how much he is special to me..maybe someday, i won't give up!!
i got this tattos on january 21st, and they are actually already healed!
i'm also gonna have to retouch the "love" one because it happened the same thing as the one on my foot..it kind of started to get too slim..so i'm gonna retouch it on monday.
my sister also got two tats! she wrote believe on her left wrist and got a musical note on her right wrist..it was pretty cool :D
but i'm done with tattoos for now..in the future i know i want to get my kids' names tattooed because i think it's a beautiful thing and your children are yours forever..it's a good way to print your eternal love for them :)

segunda-feira, 15 de março de 2010


Love can change the world. And it can be found in the smallest things. Just open your heart and it will come to you.

domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2009

R.I.P Brittany Murphy

Sad sad day. Something that will never be forgotten.
Heaven's got one more star today. Our lovely talented Brittany Murphy has gone to God's arms and from now on she will watch over us.
This kind of unexpected thing just makes it harder to believe and to overcome. I had never even heard of anything bad (like a health problem or drug addiction) thing happening to her before. She died after a full cardiac arrest and could not be revived.
We don't know what caused her death but we surely will miss her.
She was one of those actresses whose I see a movie and at the same time I click with. I've watched many movies of hers and always thought she was great and beautiful..
My heart goes out to her family and friends..
And by looking at this picture here, is how I'm gonna remember her..happy.
I <3 U.
Rest in peace, baby.

quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2009